How To Have Good Posture While Driving?

How To Have Good Posture While Driving?

Did you know the position of how you sit in your car can have a big impact on your spine, your neck, your shoulders and your lower back.

And so if we get this wrong, then it could be causing undue stress on your spine that could be causing you some problems.

I'm going to show you what you need to do to set up your car seat so that you don't have any of that happening for you.

So the biggest challenges I see with most people is they have the seat, the back of the seat set up incorrectly so that they're reaching too far forward or they're inclining too far back and it's gonna put stress on the lower back as well as the shoulders and the neck.

The second area is they need to make sure that the steering wheel is close enough that they keep their arms bent.

So when we're sitting in the car, ideally, your head should be touching the head rest and your seat should be in a position where you're between about 90 to 110 degrees somewhere in there, not further back from that because then that's going to start to stress in the lower back.

Your arms should be on the steering wheel and they should be slightly bent.

So we don't want to be sitting back like this.

We do want to be sitting where our arms are actually in a position where we can actually touch the head forward just a little bit more

Ok. So now I can easily touch the head on my headrest. My arms are bent, I'm comfortable.

I can see all the gauges and remember when you do make adjustments to your seat, make sure you adjust your mirrors as well so that you can make sure you can still see there and be safe.

So arms bent head, touching and the seat not too far back, that will take some of the stress off of the lower back.

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